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Mott MacDonald launches new congestion monitoring data service for local authorities

Mott MacDonald has launched a new managed data service allowing users to analyse the new TrafficMaster datasets, supplied by the Department for Transport (DfT) to support more detailed congestion monitoring across the urban network.

TrafficMaster Congestion has been designed and developed by Mott MacDonald to extend the previous CJAMS1 congestion monitoring functionality and provide continuity using a similar user interface through the consultancy’s strat-e-gis web-based GIS2.

The application was primarily developed to support Mott MacDonald’s West Midlands local authorities customers, however the new service will enable other local authorities across England to support the calculation of the PSA target for congestion, and LAA NI1673. Mott MacDonald’s previous CJAMS application is currently being used by around 30 local authorities in England.

Gareth Bailey, Mott MacDonald’s project manager said, “The launch of TrafficMaster Congestionbuilds on Mott MacDonald’s existing track-record of delivering leading congestion monitoring services over the internet. We look forward to working with many more local authorities who are looking to improve their traffic monitoring capabilities.”

Keith Rogers, a Senior Strategy Officer within the West Midlands CEPOG Support Team, said that the development of TrafficMaster Congestion “will further enhance an invaluable tool for monitoring traffic delays across the metropolitan area”.

Further information:
1, TrafficMaster and CJAMS data form a historic archive of past traffic congestion and are sourced from GPS floating vehicle data provided by the Department for Transport.

2, Strat-e-gis web-based GIS is an internet enabled Geographical Information System (GIS) developed by Mott MacDonald.

3, PSA is the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Public Service Agreement (PSA) on reducing congestion. LAA is a Local Area Agreement. NI167 is National Indicator 167 on Congestion (average person or vehicle journey time per mile during the morning peak).

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