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Highways Agency Logging Environment (HALOGEN)

Since 2001 Mott MacDonald has supplied HALOGEN Services to the Highways Agency (HA). HALOGEN is the logging environment for the HA's traffic management systems (HATMS), providing centralised storage, retrieval and dissemination of both current and historical log data generated by HATMS equipment.

Seven regional control centres gather HATMS log data and are responsible for operating the English network of motorways and trunk roads. There is logged data for each type of HATMS equipment (such as message signs and emergency telephones) operational events, status changes, operator actions and equipment faults.

This information is used to monitor and manage the current road conditions, to help identify faults in the HATMS technology, and, where required, to provide a court record for the state of matrix signals and message signs.

The HALOGEN system provides key data for maintenance contractors to focus their activities, providing real-time information on faulty equipment. This helps provide safe roads, informs travellers and reliable journeys.

HALOGEN services are categorised as:

Core services

Core services are responsible for ensuring the receipt and safe storage of HATMS log data.

Information services

This provides for the dissemination of HATMS log data and related and derived information via a range of intuitive tools and application interfaces. These tools and interfaces allow authorised users to access HATMS data in real-time and for historic analysis.

Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling (MIDAS) services

This involves collecting MIDAS data from subsystems within the RCC’s and the analysis of MIDAS traffic counting data.

RCC services

RCC services provide support for control centre systems including data transfer, remote maintenance access and an accurate time source.

Support services

Mott MacDonald designed and implemented HALOGEN services and is now responsible for supporting and maintaining HALOGEN, plus maintaining and developing functionality of provided services. The architecture of the core HALOGEN system has evolved from a secure data collector to include data warehousing and delivery of real-time information. HALOGEN’s data warehouse provides online accessibility to a growing resource of HATMS data.

For further detailed information on HALOGEN, please visit halogenonline›

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